In October 2005, the Company was established through the reinvestment of the Taiwan Cooperative Bank in order to comply with the implementation of the Financial Institutions Merger Act and in response to the storm of non-performing assets of financial institutions. Our main businesses are the acquisition, consolidation and disposal of non-performing debts of financial institutions. On December 1, 2011, the Taiwan Cooperative Financial Holding Co., Ltd. was established, and the Company became a 100% reinvested subsidiary of the Taiwan Cooperative Financial Holding Co., Ltd. The current paid-in capital of the Company is NT$2.825 billion.

  We adhere to the core value of integrity, professionalism and high quality in the management, have accumulated many years of professional experience in real estate investment, disposal and management, and have been cooperating with various relevant financial institutions and enterprises. We are a professional consulting company for domestic non-performing debt disposal and asset activation and management.

  In addition, in order to expand the scale of operation, we established a domestic leasing business department which became officially operative on July 1, 2015, with the business scope covering project businesses such as financial leasing, leaseback after sale, installment sales, receivables transfer, supplier cooperation mode, etc. It provides convenient financing or capital demand solutions to corporate customers to assist their business growth, and is the best partner of corporate customers.

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