Taiwan Cooperative International Leasing Co., Ltd.

Founded on July 1, 2013, the Company is a 100% reinvested company of Co-operative AMC in China, with a current capital of CNY185,460,000

Purpose of Establishment

To provide specialized non-bank financial services for the vast small- and medium-sized enterprises; in addition to financial leasing, operating leasing and supplier cooperation mode, at the same time the Company builds a platform to meet the financing needs of enterprises in their different stages of growth.

Main Businesses

The financing leasing business provides customers with the most efficient and flexible medium- and long-term stable capital through "direct leasing" for the purchase of machinery and equipment, or "leaseback" for customers' existing fixed equipment.


1.1. "Direct leasing": According to the specific requirements of the lessee for the leased equipment and the selection of the equipment supplier, the Company purchases the equipment from the equipment supplier, and then lease the equipment to the lessee within a certain period of time. The lessee will pay the rent to the Company in installments, and obtain the ownership of the equipment after the rent is fully paid at the end of the lease period.

2.2. "Leaseback": The lessee sells its own equipment to the Company and signs a financial leasing contract with the Company to lease the equipment back from the Company. "Leaseback" has strong financing characteristics, which can enhance the lessee's liquidity without affecting the lessee's right to use the equipment.

Contact location
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