• We have the professional knowledge of asset development and management such as land administration, appraisal, marketing, land development and urban renewal. We develop and manage real estate in a professional manner, improve the asset value and operating efficiency, and provide consulting services for various real estate investment development or management. Our services include the following:
    ◆ Real estate sales
    ◆ Real estate leasing
    ◆ Residential and business building development, leasing and sales
    ◆ Industrial plant development, leasing and sales
    ◆ Development of specific professional areas
    ◆ Investment in public construction
    ◆ New town and community development
    ◆ District levy and city land redevelopment agency
    ◆ Investment consulting
    ◆ Management consulting
    ◆ Urban renewal
    ◆ Advance payment for urban renewal and re-construction

    Urban Renewal Working Group
    ◆ In order to comply with government policies, Co-operative AMC has set up an urban renewal team to actively promote urban renewal related businesses.
    ◆ Adhering to the professional ability of real estate development and urban renewal, Co-operative AMC customizes re-construction related work, including preliminary planning, financial evaluation, professional consulting, debt consolidation, advance payment, and capital contribution as the urban renewal implementer or initiator for the urban renewal or re-construction of old communities and commercial buildings.
    ◆ Contact persons of Co-operative AMC Urban Renewal Working Group: Deputy Manager Dun-Yi Li, extension 759; Deputy Manager Hong-Chie Chen, extension 737

    Urban Renewal Cases Currently Undertaken
    At present, Co-operative AMC has accepted the entrustment of Taiwan Cooperative Bank to promote the urban renewal business with two cases in hand. The description is as follows:

    (1)Urban Renewal of Baotong Building



    Location: Section 4, Chungshiao East Road, Taipei City - East Taipei Branch

    Content: Co-operative AMC acts as the agent implementer to handle urban renewal related procedures.

    (2) Jingxi Branch urban renewal consolidation

    Location: Nanjing West Road, Taipei City - Jingxi Branch

    Content: Co-operative AMC assesses and acts as the implementer of urban renewal to handle the consolidation of the willingness of the neighboring areas to participate in urban renewal and subsequent urban renewal related procedures.

  • Actively participate in the evaluation, acquisition and disposal of non-performing debts of domestic and foreign financial institutions; comply with government policies to actively assist debtors in dealing with debt issues; reduce the burden of debtors and assist debtors in clearing up debts and restoring credit through agreements, reconciliation, re-negotiation of the schedule of principal and interest repayments and partial debt relief.

    ◆ Purchase of financial institutions’ monetary debts
    ◆ Evaluation or auction of financial institutions' monetary debts
    ◆ Monetary debt management services for financial institutions

  • Description of Businesses of Leasing Department:

    Provide financing loans for corporate customers; customers may apply for financing loans from the Company for the capital expenditure for either movable property such as machinery and equipment or real estate such as plants and land, or the working capital required for operation, the professionals of the Leasing Department of the Company can provide financing loan schemes suitable for your company.

    ◆ Installment Business:
    Installment schemes can be provided in conjunction with loans for the purchase of production, engineering, medical or technology equipment or real estate such as plants and land.

    ◆ Capital Loan Business:
    Capital loans can be provided for working capital needed for operation.

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